Control Line Flyers

Control Line is Still Alive at Woodland Aeromodelers!
Woodland CA

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Regular flying every Sunday from stating at 9:00am. Come out a join us.

New WDA Field in Davis

Google Map      WDA Field Map

The WDA Control Line flyers have moved to the new Davis location.
3 new circles are now flyable.

A Tribute to Doug Barton

Bob Duncan
Profile Imitation

Bob Duncan places 2nd with this gorgeous Ignition Class ship at VSC

This gorgeous twin engine Imitation powered by 2 OS LA25's is build by Bob Duncan.

Heman Lee at Napa Vintage Stunt

Bob English and Arlie Prezler

Brian Moore
1st Place Intermediate at 2008 NW Regionals

The late Bob Cherny

The Peanut Gallery

Tucker Special by Bob Duncan

Pete Cunha

Sunday Flying

Paul's ARF Primary Force

Pete Cunha's Thunderbird at the Mall Show

Bob Cherney launches for Bob Duncan

Lewis Lingwood and Dave Shirley

Vampire by Dave Shirely Jr.

Bob Cherny

Dave Shirley Sr. flies his Jamison Special

Cobra by Dave Shirley Jr.

Brian Moore takes his new ARF Nobler for its maiden flight.

The Shirley's

RSM Thunderbird by Dave Shirley Sr.

Primary Force by Heman Lee