In 1945 as a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, along with Roland Cecchettini, Bill Osborne developed a project to obtain a flying field in Alameda, California. Working with then Mayor Winthrop Brandschied, City Manager Don McMillan, and Superintendent of Recreation Otto Rittler, a flying field was approved and located across the road from today's field in southern Alameda. It included one grass and one blacktop circle.

In 1955, the field was moved to its present location across the street to make room the expansion of Doolittle Drive.

Bill has given of himself in many ways to the youth of our community, especially, as Bill puts it, the little kid who can't afford it". Bill has worked with and received support from the Alameda Times Star providing publicity and business firms such as Alameda Hobby Craft, Cox Hobbies of Santa Ana and Westware Rental Products of San Francisco, who provided many items for the children at little or no cost.

On June 19th, 1982, the City of Alameda re-dedicated and field in Bill's honor by naming it "The Bill Osborne Model Airplane Flying Field"


This field has two dedicated flying circles, one for 1/2A?s and the other for larger models using up to 70? diameter lines.  Site features two paved donut runways and center pad plus out-house facility and work benches.   The 1/2A circle is paved from 35' out to 45' in diameter.   Kids can take-off from any position and backup to the center so they are safely flying over the grass.  There is no fee to fly at this site, but AMA membership is require.  All flyers must wear a safety thong on their control handle.


From 880 north, go to 880 south.  Take the Oakland Airport Exit at Hegenberger.   Turn right onto Hegenberger and travel west until to see the Hilton.  Turn right to Doolittle.  It is exactly  2.1 mi from the Hilton on the right side.

From 880 south (San Jose), go north on 880. Take the Oakland Airport Exit at Hegenberger.

From Oakland, take High Street, go east to Alameda. Go over the High St. Bridge. Turn left on Fernside and take if all the way down to Otis. Turn left over the bridge. Must may a U turn at second light (Harbour Bay Parkway.) go 200 feet and turn right into parking lot.